School Fees 2023

Attending Sacred Heart, like any other school, comes at a cost for parents. School fees are required but every effort is made to make attending Sacred Heart affordable and accessible to all families.  School Fees and Levies are set at the end of each school year for the following twelve-month period. 


In order to be able to operate our school the school relies on significant funding from government grants (both Commonwealth and State). It is an expectation of government that in order to qualify for Government funds, school communities must contribute financially to their school. Fee recommendations are set by our Governing Authority that consider the socio economic status of the community. The annual fees are based on these recommendations and are set after consultation with the School Advisory Council.

As a school we are required to set a budget based on funding, fees and other income. This budget needs to ensure staff can be paid and that a satisfactory standard is maintained, both in the education of the pupils and also in the administration and maintenance of the school.

School Fees and Levies are set at the end of each school year for the following twelve month period. Detailed information and a payment plan sheet will be available in Term 4 for the following school year. Payment options available are Direct Debit, eftpos, cash or cheque. Our fees for the current year are set out below.

In 2011 the Ballarat Diocese introduced the Family Fee Assistance Scheme to offer a family fee discount to those families who hold a health care card. An application form is available from the School Office. Parents who experience difficulty in meeting their school fees are asked to make an appointment with the principal when the matter will be discussed in total confidence.

Student Levy


This covers the cost of items your child will use at school during the course of the year. This fee covers all student supplies (sometimes referred to as a ‘booklist’).

Not included in this levy are: 1:1 Technology devices (Years 5 & 6), School Camps and Fundraising Monies.

School Fee


Families who feel they can afford to pay a little more than the set fee are encouraged to do so as a way of supporting families who are less fortunate. 

The money raised from school fees goes towards pastoral care and the general recurrent running costs associated with administering and maintaining our school buildings and grounds.  One copy of the school magazine for each family is included in this fee.

Capital Works Fee


Income raised here is for capital projects (e.g. new buildings, major renovations and maintenance).

Technology Levy



This is used for the purchasing of programs and licenses that would be used to assist students with learning.  Eg SeeSaw, Simon, Reading Eggs, etc.

This is to assist with the purchasing of an iPad for students in Prep to use across the years P-6 at school.  Students in year 3 will receive a ChromeBook. This fee would not apply to students in Yrs 5 & 6, as they have already purchased Laptops.

Fundraising Levy


This covers all fundraising costs associated throughout the year. In 2023 this levy has been allocated to assist funding for new Performing Arts Equipment, furniture and Event Costs e g. Shrove Tuesday, Mother’s Day Breakfast and general community events at Sacred Heart Primary School.

Camp Fees

Below is a list of camp costs.  To find our more about our camps program please: (Click Here)

  • Prep: Onsite at Sacred Heart $22
  • Year 1: Onsite at Sacred Heart & includes dinner $30
  • Year 2: Onsite at Sacred Heart. Includes dinner and sleepover at school $40 
  • Year 3: Swan Hill Camp $235 
  • Year 4: Roses Gap (Grampians) Camp $350
  • Year 5: Ballarat Camp $430
  • Year 6: Melbourne Camp $700


Sacred Heart Mildura acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Sacred Heart is committed to being an inclusive culture where everyone has the right to feel safe.