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Annual Report

Principal's Report

As Principal of Sacred Heart Primary School (SHPS) I am very honoured to present the 2019 annual report. Through this report we recognise the extensive learning and achievements of our students and the SHPS community. 2019 has been another year that we can all be very proud of.

The most precious gifts of SHPS are the students and we congratulate them on their efforts this year, both individually and as a whole. They make the school what it is, and create the welcoming and fun learning atmosphere, bringing to life the Good News of Jesus Christ as model. Our students represent SHPS with pride, respect and honour; they make us very proud of our SHPS community. Well done to the Student Leadership Team, excellently led by our School Captains Mikaela Monzon and Zac De Rosa.

I pass on my thanks and gratitude to SHPS staff. We are blessed to have such a dedicated, enthusiastic and talented group, who not only bring a multitude of gifts and expertise, but who also become part of the SHPS community. The work of our staff is amazing in their commitment to the learning and wellbeing of our students, and in supporting our families and each other. We are provided with outstanding examples and support in the living of the Gospel with Fr Michael and Fr James.
I thank our Deputy Principals Jacinda Deacon, Loretta Thompson and Ryan O’Callaghan for their outstanding work, support and leadership. Their expertise and commitment was clearly on display throughout the year and I look forward to leading SHPS with them in 2020. Following my report, each Deputy has provided an overview of their Professional Learning Teams, areas of responsibilities and notable events within their units.

Thank you to the members of the School Advisory Council and the Parents & Friends Committee for their dedication and commitment over the past twelve months. They have given up their time to serve the SHPS community in a more formal capacity, with a willingness to work and provide advice to assist in and make decisions for the benefit of all students and families at SHPS. A special thanks to the respective Chairpersons Taryn Hunt and Amanda King. 2019 saw the introduction of the Fundraising Levy to lessen the financial and time burden put on families as contributors to the development of the school. With this introduction, the challenge is to keep the community spirit alive and active which they have been successful in doing through the family movie nights, social evenings, supporting school events etc. I know there are plans for community activities in 2020.

There have been many and varied achievements in 2019, far too many to do justice in this report. However later in this AGM Booklet our 2019 Annual Action Plan is printed which outlines our specific learning for the year; and through newsletters, updates, assemblies etc achievements by students are recognised. In 2019 we entered into a partnership with Lime Therapy to better support the learning needs of the students, where it was identified by the school that a student would benefit from other professionals. This partnership has been very successful and will continue in 2020. In terms of facilities and resources, the building of the two learning area on Olive Grove side of the school are very close to being completed, we have installed a new sports court area behind the Art House, the outdoor/adventure play area has had a clean-up and overhaul; and the renovation of our Learning Support Area was completed which enable us to have the official dedication of this new area to the memory of our dear friend and colleague Lidia Cavallo.

A major focus in 2020 will be our participation in the scheduled cyclical ‘External’ School Review. SHPS last undertook this extensive and exhaustive procedure in 2015 and from the review we were able to identify areas of strengths, areas requiring strengthening and to set our goals and School Improvement Strategies for the next five years. Since our last review we have become an accredited PLC school so we are very much looking forward to this process occurring to see our growth as a learning community and identify areas that may need extra attention. We have already started working within this procedure by completing the Insight SRC Surveys (Staff, Students & Parents) this year and the process will require further input from all sections of the SHPS community next year.
Also in 2020 we will be implementing a Year 1 – 6 Swimming/Water Safety program which will take place in term 1. On the facilities and resources front we have nothing major planned at this stage.

In closing, to our graduating year 6 students, leaving staff members Benson Steere and Clare Wilkinson we offer our thanks and appreciation for being outstanding members of the SHPS community and we wish all the very best for the future. In 2020 we welcome a group of very excited and eager cohort of learners to SHPS, and hopefully equally excited new staff members Bianca Nuitta, Belinda Zappia and Corey Barbary. Thank you to all for the support and investment into SHPS during the past year and making us the great community we are. As we enter into Advent I wish the peace of Jesus Christ be with your families and hope 2020 is fantastic and safe year for us all.

Des Lowry

Canonical Administrator's Report

Once again I take this opportunity to thank all who belong to the Sacred Heart School Community for their participation in, and commitment to, Catholic Education in Sunraysia. During 2019 we have made significant progress in restructuring and further validating the Sunraysia Governance Council. I thank the Principals for their support and their spirit of solidarity. I acknowledge also the role of Luke Guthrie as Chair, and Julie Graham as Executive Officer. Julie’s work in this role has been extremely important and greatly appreciated.

One of our greatest obligations as Catholic Educational Communities is to continue to maintain the safest possible environment for the learning and personal growth of our children. As I stated last year, the employment of Julie Graham as our Risk and Compliance Officer has contributed greatly to the fulfilment of this obligation. I once again thank and congratulate our Principals on this initiative.

Teaching is becoming a much more sophisticated profession these days as we all know. I congratulate Des and the Leadership Team for their continued efforts to keep Sacred Heart functioning at the professional level that is expected in education today. I continue to be extremely impressed by the professional commitment of our Staff. Thank you to those who also assume roles of leadership and extra responsibilities. I am also grateful to the friendly, hardworking Administration Staff and those who work on the maintenance of buildings and grounds.

The recent development of new teaching and learning space for next year is an exciting indication that Sacred Heart is determined not to rest on its laurels. It is also an example of the fact that the School Leadership and Staff are strongly invested in the ongoing requisite to explore and develop the best learning opportunities for our children.

To the parents of our children – thank you for entrusting us with their care and development, and a special thanks to those who commit themselves in any way to groups or activities that lend extra support to our School. May God continue to bless our children with health and with environments that support their safety, learning and wellbeing.

Fr. Michael McKinnon

School Advisory Council Chairperson’s Report

As 2019 draws to a close, we find this, a time for reflection. It has been a year of mixed emotions. The year started with a wash of great sadness over our school community. We once again extend our condolences to all our families who have been faced with the passing of loved ones. Although surrounded by grief, our strong school community rallied around these families with prayers and support, offering love, compassion and empathy. This makes me proud to be a part of the Sacred Heart Primary School ‘village’.
They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. In 2019 we have again looked at ways to create the best opportunities for our children. With educational purpose, our classroom structure has been molded to best suit the needs of the students.

Putting our best foot forward in the classroom, we have also replicated this within the whole community with a well-accepted and successful change in the fundraising and social format. It can only be working together that the village thrives and this is obvious when you look at all the action happening around the school.

From new artwork and murals, to new classrooms and new teachers, Sacred Heart Primary school continues to reach higher than it did the year before, and in 2020, it will reach higher again. A major focus for the school this year was the newly named Lidia Cavallo Learning Centre. This facility will further encourage our students to grow, enriching their education.

Education at our supportive little school comes to an end for our Year 6 students, and we wish them all the best as they continue to thrive outside our school. We also take this time to thank all those involved in the operation of our school from staff to parents, parent and friends’ committee to the children themselves. On behalf of the SAC, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your time, support, and commitment to our school community, enabling our children to grow in life, confidence and in God’s love.

We look forward to our ‘village’ growing as we welcome a new level of students to our school. 2020 brings us a new stage in life. It opens new pathways, new friendships, new beginnings and new experiences. Until we join together again, may you have a safe and merry Christmas, and we look forward to embracing the challenges and success of a wonderful 2020!

God bless.

Taryn Hunt

Parents and Friends President’s Report

With the 2019 school year coming to a close, the committee of the Parents & Friends would like to thank all of those people for their efforts and involvement during the year and reflect on the success of this past year. 2019 was particularly exciting for the P&F as we ventured down a new path focusing on community as opposed to fundraising efforts. We introduced the resource levy across the school to meet our objectives for contributing to new resources and programs for Sacred Heart and most importantly the children; and as a committee we welcomed new faces and we thank them for their wonderful contribution particularly those that have been learning new roles.

In February this year we hosted our inaugural Family Outdoor Cinema Night for the school community to come to watch Paddington and mix with other families.

Despite some issues with the screen it was a wonderful festive and inviting family setting. The event was a success with a lot of the school families enjoying the evening and as a result planning is underway for our next year event on the 28th February 2020. The magnitude of the event with more than half of the school families attending was a real indication of the efforts of the organising committee of Jen Chatfield, Montana Simonetta, and Maria Carrazza. We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude and thank those local businesses for their contribution to our school for this event.

The fundraising levy has supported the P&F Committee’s understanding of families’ commitments at Sacred Heart. We have now just focused our efforts on Icy Poles, Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls and Second Hand Uniform Shop which have all continued at school. A special thanks to the generosity of our school families and committed school parents who devote a lot of time and effort to
ensuring these activities are run smoothly and successfully. The resource levy has allowed the Sacred Heart P&F to contribute to the purchase of the following new resources that our children can enjoy and gain the benefit. These include new soccer nets, xylophones, interschool sports, basketball and football tops, MAC Performances, electricity and fraction kits and contribution to the new InitiaLit program. Our objective next year is to look at contributing at well-being programs and possibly bringing a guest speaker to the school to focus on social media issues and management.

As always I would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to our Executive Committee of Vice President and P&F/SAC Representative – Maria Carrazza, Secretary – Sarah Beggs, Treasurer – Kylie Meehan, Community Events Co-ordinator – Jen Chatfield and Montana Simonetta, Class Contact Co-ordinator – Rebecca Siale, Uniform Shop Co-ordinator – Shayne Shiner, Catering
Coordinator – Stephanie Oguzkaya, Mother’s & Father’s Day Stalls,– Lauren Milton & Jodie McInernay and Icy Poles Co-ordinators Rebecca Siale and Pasqualina Pascale for your continued support, guidance, input and dedication to our P&F. It is always a pleasure to work with such lovely committed people that provide an invaluable contribution to the school and our school community. We would
welcome the opportunity to thank and farewell those wonderful committee members that are departing the P&F for all the effort and support they have provided the school. A special mention to Kylie Meehan who has been part of the P&F committee for a number of years and has taken on numerous executive roles such as Secretary and Treasurer. It has been a pleasure to work with a professional and wonderful person, thank you Kylie.

We would like to thank Des, Ryan, Loretta, Jacinda, Chris and all the staff of Sacred Heart and the SAC for working so co-operatively with the P&F and your ongoing support and mutual respect it is greatly appreciated.

As the school year comes to a close we would like to thank and say a farewell to those committee members that are departing, those school families that are leaving and our lovely students that are moving on to their next adventure. The P&F committee wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope you look back at your time at Sacred Heart with wonderful memories.

Thank you to our entire school community which has offered great support to our committee and ourselves in this role by providing involvement in our activities to enhance and strengthen our sense of community at Sacred Heart.

I would like to make special mention of the Umback family, our deepest sympathy and condolences are extended to Katrina, Joey and Jesse on the passing of Scott earlier in the year. Katrina and Scott had been wonderful members of our P&F, and Scott’s commitment to the school community was evident in his participation in all events and offer of assistance at a planning level. I would also like to thank our school community that have and continues to support the Umback family.

On behalf of the P&F Committee, we would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2020. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

God bless

Amanda King.