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Student Leadership

At Sacred Heart Primary School, we believe that the Student Leadership Program should:

  • reflect the values of the school;
  • involve an element of service to other students, the school, the parish and the wider community;
  • incorporate effective preparation of students for their leadership duties and responsibilities;
  • have clear target goals for students to implement and achieve;
  • be supported by an adult mentor;
  • have a component for feedback and review so that it always stays relevant and meets the needs of the current cohort of students.
The current Student Leadership Program structure includes:
  • Two School Captains;
  • Two captains for each of the School Houses - Murray, Mallee, Kulkyne and Hattah;
  • A captain for each class from Years 3-6;
  • Opportunities for involvement in environmental or other curriculum-based programs.
  • Participation in the Leaders of Evolution Program - Young Leaders in Schools E-Learning in Years 5 & 6 which is designed to introduce and strengthen the concept of leadership for students in a fun and engaging way.

The following selection procedures for positions and length of office for each role include:

  • School Captains - a boy and a girl from Year 6 elected by their peers with whole staff discretion;
  • House Captains - a boy and a girl for each House from either Year 5 or Year 6, elected by their peers (with at least one student from each House being a Year 6 student).
  • Class Captains - Year Three & Four elected each semester by their class peers; - Year Five/Six elected annually by their class peers.

Year 4 and 5 students will be involved in a Student Leadership Day at the end of each year facilitated by the Student Leadership Co-ordinator and Year 5 teachers.

School and House Captains will have regular opportunities to meet as our School Student Leadership Team. Formal meetings and development opportunities are a part of our ever-evolving School Leadership Program facilitated by a member of Staff.

Each student in their capacity as a School or House Captain at Sacred Heart School is expected to:

  • stay focused on classwork during class time;
  • work to the best of their ability at all times;
  • give up their own time to attend meetings as required;
  • model our core behaviours of respect, responsibility and safety both in and out of the classroom and actively encourage their peers to model our core behaviours and adhere to all school rules.