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Special Events

Whilst no two school years are ever the same, there are a number of events that have become traditions and we endeavour to include them on our perpetual calendar. Further information about these events will be shared throughout the school year; another reason it’s so important to keep abreast of the newsletter and other correspondence from school.

What Happens?
Beginning Year Mass
The whole school attends Mass to celebrate the new school year. Children sit in their class groups. Families are welcome to attend and sit behind the class groups.
As early as possible in the school year (during the week)
Commissioning Mass
The staffs of the Parish schools are commissioned to service for the school year. Families are warmly invited to be a part of this celebration.
A weekend Parish Mass early in the school year
Class Masses
Each class takes it in turns to attend a weekday Mass. Parents may come along and sit behind the class group.
Throughout the school year
Shrove Tuesday
Many of our classes (particularly Prep – Year Two) cook and eat pancakes as part of their RE program. Parent helpers are very much appreciated!
As per Liturgical Calendar
Ash Wednesday Mass
The whole school attends Mass. Families are welcome to attend and sit behind the class groups.
As per Liturgical Calendar
Chess Tournaments
Our Chess Club members compete in two inter school tournaments per year.
One per semester – different dates each year
Open Day
A normal school day where potential families are invited to come and have a tour of the school.
Early Term Two
Special Interests Day
Children are allowed to bring toys, sporting equipment, trading cards etc. from home (at their own risk!). These are not usually allowed at school, but this day is an exception.
Usually the last day of each term
ANZAC Ceremony
The whole school gathers for a respectful and reverent ANZAC service, hosted by our Student Leaders.
As close as possible to ANZAC Day (25th April)
Mother’s Day Stall
The P&F hold a stall at which students can purchase a gift for their mums or other special caregivers in their lives. This usually costs around $5 per gift.
week before Mother’s Day
Journey Pole Painting
Each class in the school is allocated a ‘Journey Pole’, situated on the St. Joseph’s side of the oval. The poles are repainted each year, representing a new beginning. Each class may then decorate their pole using symbols that represent their learning journey for the year.
Prior to Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week is an opportunity for all Catholic schools to celebrate and promote their distinctive mission and ethos. During this week we join with all the Parish schools and St. Joseph’s College to celebrate Mass and socialise together.
Feast of the Sacred Heart
On (or close to) the Feast of the Sacred Heart, we celebrate Mass as a school and then break into multi-age ‘family groups’ to participate in fun activities.
As per Liturgical Calendar
Italian Day
This is a day filled with cultural activities that support and promote Italian learning outcomes and celebrate the rich Italian culture within our region. Children and staff usually dress in Italian colours or related costumes (e.g. Soccer uniforms).
Varies (Biennial)
Sacred Heart Showcase
An after-school event at which the various curriculum areas are showcased and celebrated.
Varies (Biennial)
Senior Disco
Our Year 3-6 students are invited to school disco. This occurs in the evening and is a purely optional social event.
The last Thursday of Term Two
NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We have a special Mass and a week full of enriching activities.
As close as possible to official NAIDOC Week (July)
Grandparents’ Day
On the Feast Day of Jesus’ grandparents, we celebrate Mass with our grandparents or other special people in our lives. We then invite them back to school to work on creative activities in family groups and share morning tea.
On or around the Feast of St. Ann and St. Joachim 26th July
Feast of the Assumption
The whole school attends Mass if this Holy Day of Obligation falls on a week day.
15th August
Kids Teaching Kids Week
Kids Teaching Kids is an education model that uses local environmental issues as a theme for learning. Our Environmental Team members (SHEC) take this opportunity to educate and inspire their peers.
Father’s Day Stall
The P&F hold a stall at which students can purchase a gift for their dads or other special caregivers in their lives. This usually costs around $5 per gift.
Friday before Father’s Day
The staff and students dress in their AFL team colours and have a footy-themed day, a highlight of which is a pie lunch followed by a staff vs students footy match.
Last Day of Term Three
Mission Month
During the month of October, all Catholic schools are called to raise funds for the missions. We have a close relationship with a school program in Lima, Peru and generally focus on this partnership during Mission Month. Many fundraising activities take place across the school (e.g. icy pole sales, ‘how many lollies in the jar’, crazy hair day etc). We also celebrate Mass together during this time.
Book Week
We generally hold a special book-themed day during Book Week, where children again work in family groups to complete fun reading activities. Children may dress in book-related costumes.
Remembrance Day
On Remembrance Day our Student Leaders proudly represent the school at the local service. If this falls on a school day, the whole school attends. If not, students are invited and encouraged to attend the weekend service in their school uniform.
On and/or as close as possible to Remembrance Day (11th November)
Student Leadership Day
Our Years 4 and 5 students participate in leadership focused workshops and presentations, to prepare them for future school leadership.
Mid Term Four
Graduation Dinner
The graduating Year 6 students and their teachers have dinner together and the students are formally farewelled. A parent committee is formed to organised this event.
Night before last day of school
End of Year Mass
The entire school gathers together for a final Mass, at which leaving students, families and staff members are farewelled. This mass includes a graduation ceremony.
Last Day of School (for students)


Each class is rostered on to host and perform at two assemblies per year. Children have the opportunity to share their work, speak into a microphone, sing, dance and learn lines. Families are welcome to come along to all assemblies.
We run either one or two school choirs each year, depending on interest and other variables. Our choirs support school Masses and other Parish events and may also perform in the local eisteddfod.
As well as our choir entries, we often enter some of our young dancers into the local eisteddfod competition. Our Year 1/2 curriculum has a particular focus on the Arts, so the eisteddfod is generally associated with these classes.
Junior Unit Social
The Junior Unit Social is a long-standing tradition at Sacred Heart. In 2017 we celebrated the JUS’s 30th anniversary! On this night, our Prep-Year 2 students perform a number of dance routines for their parents and also invite their parents up to partner them in some traditional dances. We also share supper together. The JUS tends to occur towards the end of Term Two.

Parents are required to attend the Junior Unit Social and it is important to note that space is very limited so it may not be appropriate to bring along siblings or extended family members. Some parent help in terms of supplying costumes may be required.
End of Year Concert
At the end of the school year we host a concert that involves all Sacred Heart students, to varying degrees. Families are invited along and may be asked to provide simple costumes.