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Principal’s Welcome

Dear Parents and Friends,

Welcome to Sacred Heart Primary School.

Sacred Heart provides high-quality academic, social, physical and religious education to around 370 children. Sacred Heart is renowned for its general educational excellence and we are proud of our consistently high results.

In 2017 we became one of the first Catholic schools in Australia to be accredited as an internationally recognised model “PLC School”. This places us at the forefront of contemporary educational practice. You will find more information throughout the website about what it means to be a “PLC School”, but to me it simply means that we work interdependently to ensure ALL students, without exception, achieve their best.

Our school is a vital part of the Sacred Heart parish and a significant presence in the local Mildura community. We aim to provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment focused on your child’s well-being, achievement, challenges, creativity and enjoyment.

With highly qualified, experienced and caring staff, committed to the practice and celebration of Christian values, Sacred Heart provides distinctly Catholic education and opportunities for faith development in a community where prayer and sacramental celebrations are integral to life. Our students are encouraged and supported to engage in civic and public activities, providing service to others and working towards social justice.

We warmly invite deep and abiding parental involvement in student learning and school life. Together, we can create an effective learning environment and a climate of mutual trust. Communication and consultation are key to ensuring our partnership benefits your child.

You are a valued member of our school community and we encourage you to involve yourself in your child’s education and our school community. We will be all the richer for having you with us.

Yours sincerely,
Des Lowry

I will also take this opportunity to introduce the Deputy Principals, Mrs Jacinda Deacon, Mr Ryan O’Callaghan and Mrs Loretta Thompson. Each Deputy is assigned to a Professional Learning Team within the school as well as overseeing responsibilities.

Jacinda has particular responsibility of the Senior Unit, Years 5 and 6, Student Wellbeing and is also our Child Safe officer. Ryan looks after the Middle Unit, Years 3 and 4, operations and management of the school, as well as being the Religious Education Leader. Loretta works with the Junior Unit, Years Prep, 1 and 2, along with overseeing the delivery of curriculum and assessment. Together we form the Leadership Team of Sacred Heart and we work in close collaboration to support all staff, students and families.