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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Student behaviour management policies assist and seek to protect personal and community safety, heal destructive behaviours, restore relationships, encourage reconciliation, enhance well-being, foster responsibility, enable personal growth and promote the common good. (Adapted from CEOB Whole School Behaviour Guidelines). At Sacred Heart we believe it is vital to teach students the expected behaviours within our school. To do this we have adopted school-wide Positive Behaviour Support strategies. These enable us to introduce, model and reinforce positive social behaviours related to our three unified school rules; we are respectful, responsible and safe.

We use and explicitly teach a school-developed ‘behaviour matrix’ that names and elaborates upon the behaviours we consider acceptable and not acceptable at Sacred Heart.

When teachers recognise positive behaviour they acknowledge the behaviour with the student and, where possible, the larger group. This process is part of a proactive approach of teaching expectations and rewarding children who meet them, rather than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding. The purpose of this is to establish and maintain a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm for all students. We believe heartily in the mantra “the behaviour we spotlight is the behaviour that increases”.

In addition to this, Social-Emotional Learning takes place in every classroom on a weekly basis. The ‘Bounce Back’ program we use as our main resource for this covers topics such as values, resilience, courage, optimism, emotions, relationships and bullying.

If a student is having difficulty regulating their behaviour or if ongoing negative behaviour occurs, an individual behaviour support plan may be implemented. The focus of such a plan would be to identify the behaviour and its cause, and to adopt the most appropriate strategies to support the student to modify the behaviour.

Each week in assembly we present a member of each class a ‘Student of the Week’ certificate to celebrate their positive efforts and behaviours. We also publicly award three students who have been seen during the week being particularly respectful, responsible or
safe. These students are nominated and selected by other students so the honour is particularly authentic.

Teachers at Sacred Heart use a variety of reward and recognition systems including “Child of the Day”, “Star of the Week”, raffle tickets, Dojo Points (an online reward system), stickers and so on. It is our policy not to give out lollies or other food rewards for individual good behaviour, although the children may receive class treats on special occasions.

At the end of each school term, one child per year level is awarded a Principal Award badge. Recipients are nominated by their teachers for exceptionally ‘Respectful, Responsible and/or Safe’ behaviour.