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Parent Committees & Contacts

The Sacred Heart School Advisory Council (SAC) is one way in which parents can become involved in enhancing the education of all children. It is an advisory body of the school that brings together our Parish Priest, Principal, staff and parents in a spirit of collaboration to realise the school’s vision and achieve its educational aims. The SAC may provide advice in areas such as school improvement and the development of policy.

The names of current members are placed on the office foyer notice board. If you have concerns or ideas for school improvement, you may wish to contact a council member and have them represent your views at a meeting. The council normally meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Meeting Room.

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) offers opportunities to gather and become involved in the life of the school. All families, upon enrolment, become automatic members of the P&F and are most welcome to have input into school activities and enjoy the friendship offered. The meetings occur on the first Tuesday of each month, in the Meeting Room.

The P&F provides support for the school. Recent fundraising has provided our students with robotics equipment, playground materials and resources to use within the classrooms.

The P&F also organises various social events for the Sacred Heart and wider communities.

There are many ways to be involved and different levels of involvement. Please feel free to speak with other active members of the P&F to find out more.

Class Contact

Each class at Sacred Heart Primary School is supported by a ‘Class Contact’; a parent volunteer who provides a link between the class, the teacher and families. This is an informal and pastoral role that may be shared between two or more parents for each class.

This role is also an official school role, so all Class Contacts must be inducted as volunteers (i.e. have provided the office with Working With Children Checks and signed Code of Conduct/Volunteer Duty Statements) and must uphold and promote school programs, policies and practices.

Main Duties

Parent Assistance: Ensure that there are fully-inducted parent volunteers available to assist teachers on excursions (as requested by the teachers). Assist the teachers by ensuring their ‘classroom helper’ rosters are filled in. Promote and enlist parent participation in school events.

New Families: Welcome new families who arrive during the school year; either via a ‘phone call or face-to-face meeting.

Home/School Communication: Liaise closely with the classroom teacher in order to be able to provide up-to-date and correct information about upcoming events and also to alert the teacher (or leadership team) of any queries, problems or ideas.
Family Celebrations and Events: Represent the class by sending a card, flowers or small gift if a new child is born, or if there is a loss in the family.

Social Opportunities: Create informal opportunities for class families to get together (e.g. for coffee or a picnic).

Preferred Means of Communication

It is the responsibility of the Class Contact to ensure that his/her contact details are shared with all members of the class. The Class Contact must also ensure that all correspondence, invitations, updates etc are inclusive of all families and that the school (either via the classroom teacher or the leadership team) is included and/or informed.

School-endorsed methods of communication must be used for the work of Class Contacts; i.e. Hard-copy notes and Skoolbag App notices. Email and SMS may also be used if these methods are determined to be inclusive of ALL families. Facebook Messenger and similar social media are not to be used for school-based correspondence.