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Enrolment Process

We believe that Catholic children have the right to an education in a Catholic School and that the Catholic School is the most appropriate means of ensuring the overall education of Catholic children. Therefore at Sacred Heart, the Mission and Vision Statements and Policies of the school will always consider the education of the whole child and enrolments will be based on these understandings. Sacred Heart school embraces the mission of the Church by welcoming the enrolment of all students and families who share their vision and educational philosophy.

Enrolment processes have commenced for new Prep students in 2022 at Sacred Heart.  We are currently taking enrolment applications. We have changed enrolment processes with an aim to strengthen students’ transition into school.  With the school being limited to only two class groupings in 2022 we encourage families to hand in their Application for Enrolment form before 21st May. 

Below is our process for enrolment:

  • 1st April: Enrolment Applications are open.

  • Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th May at 9:30am, 12:30pm & 6pm: Guided Learning Walk to see facilities and learning at the school.  This is a great opportunity for prospective or existing families to see learning at Sacred Heart.

  • Friday 21st May: ‘Application for Enrolment’ closes and needs to be emailed to  or handed in at the School Office.

  • Monday 10th-Friday 28th May: In groups for an enrolment interview that takes around 40 minutes for prospective students and a parent, parents or guardian. Parents will be contacted to arrange a meeting time after the Enrolment Application Form is received.  Parents will meet with Mr O’Callaghan or myself and students in a small group with a teacher to do some activities.

  • Friday 11th June:  Enrolment acceptance letters will be sent out.

Enrolments are now being taken for 2022 and we invite prospective families to experience learning at Sacred Heart by participating in one of our upcoming Guided Learning Walks. For further information refer to the flyer or call the office – 50231204


Criteria for Enrolment

The following list provides the order of priority for enrolment at Sacred Heart:
  1. Children with siblings currently enrolled.
  2. Baptised Catholic children who live within the school zone.
  3. Alumni families.
  4. Baptised children of other Christian denominations who live within the school zone.
  5. All other children who live in the school zone.

Children who live outside of the Sacred Heart school zone but wish to send their child to Sacred Heart will need to process their enrolment through their zoned Catholic school.

These applications will be assessed by the Parish Priest and school Principals.

Conditions of Enrolment

  1. Enrolment at Sacred Heart is not automatic, but is subject to the above criteria, to the availability of places and to the discretion of the Parish Priest and school Principal.
  2. The special needs of students shall be taken into account on an individual basis.
  3. In the process of enrolment, parents are asked to disclose relevant information by completing the Enrolment Application Form and submitting relevant documents.
  4. There is an expectation that parents support the school, commit to the payment of fees and assist the school through the avenues open to parents.
  5. If families experience financial constraints that could prevent them from meeting the expectations of school fees they are asked to discuss the matter with the Principal.
  6. Students of other faiths will be expected to participate fully in all aspects of the school life. Students enrolled in the school will not be excluded from Religious Education classes, Sacramental Programs and School Liturgies regardless of perceived faith commitment of the parents.
  7. Parents and students wishing to enrol at Sacred Heart, may be interviewed by the Principal on behalf of the Canonical Administrator.
  8. For children that are currently attending other schools and seek enrolment at Sacred Heart, there is an expectation that parents discuss their reasons with their current principal prior to any consideration of transferring.
  9. Students that do not reside in Sacred Heart Parish, will be required to gain permission to attend a Catholic primary School outside of their parish, from their own Canonical Administrator.
  10. Catholic schools seek to actively engage families and carers as partners in their child’s education process and the life of the school in an atmosphere of co- responsibility and co-accountability.
  11. By law, children must turn five by the 30 th April of their first year of school.