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Employment & Volunteers

Interested in Joining Us?

If you are interested in becoming part of our teaching community please visit the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) website to see all our current vacancies by clicking the below button.

Sacred Heart Primary School acknowledge that volunteers play a vital role in supporting the school to provide a safe, open & nurturing learning environment for all students. This ‘Duty Statement’ provides all volunteers with clear expectations relating to activities that they may wish to participate in at Sacred Heart Primary School.

Prior to being authorised to commence duties at Sacred Heart Primary School all prospective volunteers must read and acknowledge their understanding of the following agreed workplace arrangements. 


This ‘Duty Statement’ applies in general terms to all parents, parent volunteers, members of the school board or parent’s association, student teachers or those on work experience placement and any other person, who volunteer their services to the school.

Volunteer Pre-authorisation Requirements

1. Provide a copy of your Current (within 5 years of issue) Working With Children Check (WWCC) NOTE: You are not permitted to volunteer without providing a current WWCC.
2. Read & sign a copy of the school’s Child Safety Code of Conduct.
3. Provide relevant contact information: Does the school have this on file?
4. Receive a briefing on the location of restricted areas. Eg..toilets & the staffroom.
5. Receive a briefing into the school’s Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Volunteer School Attendance & Participation Requirements

6. Familiarise yourself with the acceptable & unacceptable behaviours outlined in the school’s Child Safety Code of Conduct. This may be done via the website or upon arrival at the school.
7. Wear Visitor / Volunteer lanyard visibly at all times.
8. Promptly report to the supervising staff member. DO NOT attend any other area of the school without the knowledge of the supervising staff member.
9. Follow all instructions provided by the supervising staff member.
10. Never work in isolation with a student.
The supervising staff member will ensure that students remain in groups or volunteer work will be undertaken in an open and visible environment in close proximity to a member of staff.
11. Treating everyone within the school community with respect including students.
12. DO NOT speak aggressively or discipline students. Immediately report inappropriate behaviour or disclosures of abuse to the supervising staff member.
13. Maintain confidentiality at all times. DO NOT disclose any information relating to student performance, social or emotional needs obtained as a result of participating as a volunteer.
14. At NO TIME take photos or videos of students or staff members whilst volunteering.
15. DO NOT post any photo, comment or opinion on electronic platforms (social media, internet or email) relating to students, staff members or activities that you have participated in as a volunteer.
If you have any comments or concerns please bring these to the immediate attention of the supervising staff member or alternatively a member of the Leadership Team.

Anyone who wishes to visit or assist in classrooms or on excursions must sign off on the above statements at the school office and provide a current Working With Children Check.

Please click on the link below to get started:

Classroom Helpers

Classroom helpers are vital to the success of our teaching and learning programs. We warmly welcome parent or grandparent helpers in all classrooms, from Prep-Year Six, however, we absolutely RELY on this support in the junior years. Please consider giving as much time as you can, whether it’s two hours per week or one hour per year. You will make an enormous difference to the learning of many children.

What you might be asked to do as a classroom helper:

  • Read to or with children
  • Hear children reading
  • Play educational games with one child or a small group
  • Roam around and help keep children focused
  • Ask questions about shared texts
  • Support reading and writing attempts using the 3P’s (Pause/Prompt/Praise)

The Role of Classroom Helpers
Under the direction of the classroom teacher/s, you will support learning by:

  • Working with a small group of children or an individual
  • Generally helping children settle and stay focused (particularly when the teacher is
    working with a small group)
  • Modelling good learning behaviours (listening, looking, being positive etc.)
  • Encouraging children to do their best
  • Helping to engage and extend children, particularly ‘early finishers’
  • Supporting children to articulate their learning; “Jenny, you just put a full stop at the end of your sentence. Why is that a really important thing to do?”
  • Pausing, Prompting, Praising…and praising again, and again, and again!

As a Classroom Helper it is vital to:

Undergo a brief induction at the school office, provide a valid Working With Children Check and sign off on a volunteer application, duty statement and Code of Conduct. Maintain confidentiality.

It would be highly inappropriate to mention your observations about children or teachers with whom you work in front of your own children or other parents. Beware of making judgements.

All children can learn. Children learn at different rates and have different needs. Comparing children is unnecessary and can be destructive.
Avoid any form of disruption to learning. (e.g. Coming in late, using class time to talk to the teacher, distracting your own child, having your mobile switched on and so on).

Treat the children and their learning with utmost respect. Never criticize their efforts, never write on their work or ask them to rub work out/start again. Leave all disciplinary matters to the teacher.

Seek clarification or advice as soon as possible from the teacher you are working with. If you have any concerns, ideas or questions, the best thing to do is speak with or email the teacher or leadership team.

But most importantly, never forget how HUGELY you are appreciated and what an enormous contribution you make to the learning of the children and the life of our school.